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Monthly Archives: August 2017

    Your Home’s Equity Could Be the Answer

    By Carla Higgins | August 29, 2017

    A home equity line of credit, HELOC, is a mortgage loan made to homeowners to be used on an as-needed basis. A lender, such as a bank, will approve a borrower for a specified amount based on the equity in their home and all the necessary paperwork is signed to authorize the loan. The line … Continue reading Your Home’s Equity Could Be the Answer → Read More

    Which Value Do You Want?

    By Carla Higgins | August 22, 2017

    What your home is worth depends on why you ask the question. It could be one value based on a purchase or sale and an entirely different value for insurance purposes. Fair market value is the price a buyer and seller can agree upon assuming both are knowledgeable, willing and unpressured by extraordinary events. This … Continue reading Which Value Do You Want? → Read More

    Shorter Term – More Savings

    By Carla Higgins | August 15, 2017

    Whether you’re refinancing your current home or buying a new one, something worth considering is a 15-year loan rather than a 30-year term. The payments will be a little higher but you’ll get a lower interest rate and you’ll build equity much faster. Let’s look at an example of a $300,000 mortgage with the choice … Continue reading Shorter Term – More Savings → Read More

    Home Energy Aware

    By Carla Higgins | August 8, 2017

    After the mortgage payment, the largest homeowner expense is for utilities and the major component is energy. Contributing factors include air leaks, insulation, heating and cooling equipment, water heaters and lighting. Computers, monitors, TVs, cable and satellite boxes, DVRs and power adapters are spinning your electric meter even when they’re not being used. Even though … Continue reading Home Energy Aware → Read More

    Home Safe Home

    By Carla Higgins | August 1, 2017

    Home is a place you should feel safe and secure. Sometimes, we take it for granted and unfortunately, we do need to remain vigilant about things we do that could compromise our safety. Here are a few tips to consider: Everyone loves an inviting home including burglars. Make sure it looks occupied and is difficult … Continue reading Home Safe Home → Read More

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