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Monthly Archives: November 2017

    FHA is a Good Option

    By Carla Higgins | November 28, 2017

    FHA insured mortgages serve a sector of the market that is not necessarily being met by other loan programs. Securing an 80% conventional mortgage that doesn’t require mortgage insurance may be the lowest cost of financing but if the buyer doesn’t have 20% down payment, it isn’t really an option. Securing a 100% VA loan … Continue reading FHA is a Good Option → Read More

    Lighting Conversion Plan

    By Carla Higgins | November 21, 2017

    In 2007, Congress passed an energy act that required new energy-efficient standards for basic light bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs are being phased out and eventually will be unavailable. The alternative bulbs differ considerably in price. LED bulbs are the most efficient but they also cost the most. CFLs are a less expensive alternative. Interestingly, the … Continue reading Lighting Conversion Plan → Read More

    Holiday Travels

    By Carla Higgins | November 14, 2017

    The last thing you want if you’re traveling these holidays is to worry about someone burglarizing your home. Use this check list to add some peace of mind while you’re out of town. Ask a trusted friend – to pick up mail, newspaper and keep yard picked up to avoid an appearance of being empty. … Continue reading Holiday Travels → Read More

    Cash-In Refinance

    By Carla Higgins | November 7, 2017

    Would someone really refinance their home and not take money out of it? Certainly, if they could get a lower rate, build equity faster and pay off the home sooner. For people with extra cash available, this can be very attractive compared to the low savings rates being paid by banks. In the example below, … Continue reading Cash-In Refinance → Read More

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