Monthly Archives: July 2018

    • Replace It Anyway

      If it’s not broken, why would a homeowner consider replacing something as expensive as a toilet when there may be other things in the home to replace that provide more aesthetic appeal. Don’t be too quick to ignore the functionality and the reliability of this basic convenience. The first rationalization might take place at the … Continue reading Replace It Anyway
      Written by Carla Higgins
    • Owning Makes More Sense

      When comparing the cost of owning a home to renting, there is more than the difference in house payment against the rent currently being paid. It very well could be lower than the rent but when you consider the other benefits, owning could be much lower than renting. Each mortgage payment has an amount that … Continue reading Owning Makes More Sense
      Written by Carla Higgins
    • Unexpected Expenses

      It’s common for Sellers to consider offering a home warranty or protection plan to make their home more marketable. A growing number of homeowners are now purchasing this type of protection for themselves to limit the unexpected expenses of repairs and replacements. A home protection plan is a renewable service contract that covers the repair … Continue reading Unexpected Expenses
      Written by Carla Higgins