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Monthly Archives: June 2021

    Are You Covered?

    By Carla Higgins | June 29, 2021

    A home warranty is a service contract that protects your home’s appliances and some systems from repairs or possible replacements. A convenient benefit of a home warranty is that when you report an item, they will assign a service provider to evaluate whether it should be repaired or replaced without the owner having to act … Continue reading Are You Covered? → Read More

    Thoughts on Credit and Getting a Mortgage

    By Carla Higgins | June 22, 2021

    Credit plays a huge role in getting a mortgage because it is a variable that helps the lender determine the likelihood that the loan will be repaid on a timely basis. Credit bureaus evaluate people’s credit worthiness using a FICO score. The higher the score the better the borrower’s credit. The mortgage rate charged to … Continue reading Thoughts on Credit and Getting a Mortgage → Read More

    First Love, Second Wife or Third REALTOR

    By Carla Higgins | June 15, 2021

    There is a story of a real estate agent’s prayer: “Dear Lord, if I can’t be someone’s first love, or second wife, at least, please let me be their third REALTOR®.” In a normal market with a balanced supply of sellers and buyers, this describes the preference that it might be better to be the … Continue reading First Love, Second Wife or Third REALTOR → Read More

    Simple Rates of Return

    By Carla Higgins | June 8, 2021

    Looking for a simple way to determine if a rental property will give you the rate of return you want? This modified annual property operating data may be just what you’ve been looking for. There are many different rates of return that investor’s consider to determine whether a property will generate the yield that they … Continue reading Simple Rates of Return → Read More

    Is a Home Inventory Necessary?

    By Carla Higgins | June 1, 2021

    Most homeowners have insurance on their home that additionally, gives them coverage on their personal property. That is the first level of peace of mind to know that it is available to you if there is an unfortunate need for it from a burglary, fire, or some other insured circumstance. Personal property is handled slightly … Continue reading Is a Home Inventory Necessary? → Read More

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