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Kensington Real Estate

Kensington is almost entirely in the hills, so many homes have bay views. Upslope lots tend to have terraced yards which are great for kids, and the downslope lots often have decks and views unobstructed by wires or light poles. Kensington has several distinct areas. The homes tend to be older and more distinguished. The streets between The Arlington and Grizzly Peak are named after colleges – Stanford, Purdue, Beloit, Columbia… These homes generally were built in the 30’s and 40’s.

Kensington is bounded on the east by Tilden Park. Canon Road takes you right down to the pony rides, merry go round, and Little Farm. It’s convenient to both the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station (go north on Colusa) and North Berkeley BART (take Arlington down to Central Berkeley)

Kensington has two shopping districts:

Kensington Village: with Shai’s deli, a drug store (and mini-post office), a bank, and a hardware store.

Colusa Circle: with Kensington Circus Pub, Semifreddi’s Bakery (their flagship store), Cafe Select, and Boadecias Books.

A special treat awaits architecture buffs. Drive up Kenyon, and turn left on Purdue. On your right (as you go down the private road) is a handsome house designed by Bernard Maybeck.

Kensington includes the friendly communities of Kensington. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in any of these fine communities, call Dave and Carla Higgins. Double Your Expectations